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Good one sided ending!
"I have to say that this is one fine fight,
Rosie really sells the fact she doesnt
like Lill, and the fact the girls are just
beautiful is so sweet, Lil being beaten
in the end is excellent and and is done
well by both girls..look around a good
one sided ending is not that common..
Thank you"

- fighttalk2

Great site!
"I can't believe the qualiy and variety
we get on KAG. The Cali vs Rosie video
alone was worth the monthly fee. "

- Daniel

Cali fan
"Wow, what do you feed these girls?
Cali is my fav, I enjoyed watching her
evolve from a fragile model to a
brutal, merciless fighter. Your video
quality really improved too. "

- SammiD

Super models...
"I couldn't believe it when I saw the
amateur women wrestling each other
in the content members enjoy inside of Each and everyone
of them is super-model hot. It was even
crazier that I'd never seen any of these
babes before."



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